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New technologies allow us to do great things and many of them we do not carry out due to ignorance and that cannot be allowed. That is why we bring you a selection of computer programs with which you can make your Windows computer more useful .

Everyone knows about the existence of social networks, games, messaging, shops ... But in the world of computer programs there is much more to it. In downloads.com you can find any tool that comes to your mind; from APK downloaders, to computer cleaner in case you have it full of useless files that only take up space, to program locks that are ideal for keeping your privacy safe.

Windows computers come with some pre-installed programs , but they are usually the most used or those that belong to the company that created the device. They also come to our hands with very basic functions and this does not mean that it is bad, on the contrary. If they came with the tools that the manufacturer considered, many of them would be useless and a hindrance to the proper functioning of the computer. Therefore, they leave a lot of free storage space for you, with your tastes and needs, to add the tools you prefer.

Many times our decisions are affected by what we dedicate ourselves to professionally, the family nucleus, the free time we have ... and that is why each person needs to have some programs or others on their computer. Some of them that can be very useful are:

  • Cleaner One : When we buy the computer, we are amazed at the response speed it can have compared to the old one. This is because, with the passage of time, our computer stores a lot of information that we will probably never need again. To prevent our computer from slowing down, we can install this RAM memory cleaner that is responsible for eliminating cache, registry and temporary files. In addition, it eliminates the cookies that are saved every time you visit a web page and the search history thus, in addition to cleaning the computer, it prevents other people with access to that device from seeing the internet sites you enter. Another very useful advantage is the fact that the program specifies which files occupy the most, so if you don't want to delete many things, just knowing which file is the problem is enough.
  • Time Tracking Hero : This program is very useful for those people who need to calculate their work or study time. Imagine that you are a graphic designer and the price of a project depends on the time you spend on it. Calculating it could not be easier with this computer program to calculate work time. With just one click you can start and stop the timer so there are no complications. It is very common to be working on several projects at the same time, so you also have the option of calculating the time of each of them separately.
  • Translat : A few years ago, it was very difficult to come across a foreigner throughout your life, especially if you lived in a small town where you had everything you needed. The press was in your native language and the news on television was also, so if you didn't know other languages there was no problem. At present, technology has made us live in a globalized system in which people go from one country to another without physical or almost economic effort, we read many articles on the internet in different languages or web pages that only exist in their native language . Education has also changed and more and more languages such as English, French, German, Chinese are being studied ... but as limited people, it is impossible to know how to translate languages from all over the world. For this, there are computer programs with which to translate texts, web pages and everything you need into more than 100 languages.
  • PDF to Word Converter : It is very common for someone to send us a PDF and you need to modify some aspects but of course, the format does not allow it. One possible solution is to ask that person to send it to you in Word, but what about the PDF documents that you download from the internet? In that case you have no one to ask the favor of. To solve this problem, simply download a file converter to convert a PDF document to a Word one.
  • CalcForce : The calculator with which we normally have to do operations on the computer is basic and sufficient for those people who do not need to do large calculations, but in the world there are many people who need to do large operations since their profession requires it or they are studying for it. In these cases, it is mandatory to have a scientific calculator at hand that allows you to obtain the desired results. With this scientific calculator computer program it allows you to do all that and more since you have the option of doing several accounts at the same time without losing the data of one and the other.
  • School Zone : This tool is essential for all those who are dedicated to the field of education. In it you can save the data, work, notes, progress, comments, schedules ... and many more options for each of the students. You can also group them together to treat them as a class. It does not matter if you are the principal or the director of a school or a private teacher, this tool is essential for teachers who like to have everything organized and at hand in case you need to make inquiries.

These are just some of the tools that can be very useful in your day to day. Thanks to these very useful computer programs, you can perform actions you never imagined with your Windows computer and even save time on tasks that you previously had to do with other more classic and slow methods. Find the program that interests you and start enjoying technological advances.


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