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Apple, that quality brand par excellence, could not be left behind in the evolution of technology as far as computers are concerned. The founders of the brand Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak created the first Apple computer in 1976 and since then a long journey has brought the brand to what is today one of the most important global companies in the sector . A great evolution, which begins in the garage of a genius, for great products, which end up in the hands of people from all over the world.

In 1984, Steve Jobs launched the Macintosh computer that was a revolution in the world of computing and in 1998 he created a sensation again with the iconic iMac with color design created for personal and individual use. With this new device, important programs began to arrive on Mac such as video editor, Office package ... In 2001, with the Mac OS X operating system, a new revolution was achieved in the professional field, especially in the creative field.

Computers began as an item only achievable for companies and people with high purchasing power, but today and thanks to technological advance not only everyone has a computer at home, but they can do real wonders that a few years ago were unthinkable. The result has been computers with a very attractive design and custom-made hardware and software for each computer, which provides an impeccable finish, taking care of every detail.

Due to their custom creation, Macs come ready to use so they are very intuitive for the user and their operation is very simple. With the large number of shortcuts that the Mac keyboard has, the trackpad gestures and the Magic Mouse, the time spent on the computer will be much more productive and after using them, it will be almost impossible to survive without them.

Another advantage of having a Mac computer is the security they have when it comes to intercepting viruses and possible threats. This leads the user to have greater confidence in the work they do on a daily basis and to have greater control of the device.

Thanks to those computer programs that you have for Mac , you can make your study or work a fantasy to enjoy. The speed with which Apple-brand computers work, the lightness, the simplicity of the famous slogan "less is more" that the company has always maintained and how good results it has given them is well known. The programs are ideal for all those people who work in creative positions since they are computers that allow complex actions to be carried out in a short space of time and with total security that they do not get hung up in the attempt. Given the society in which we find ourselves in which the consumption of photographs and videos is massive, this aspect is one of the most important of the computers of the Apple brand and without a doubt, one of the characteristics by which, every day, more and more people are choosing to buy a Mac computer.

Not everything on the Mac is work, you can also find a wide variety of games with which to disconnect for a while and thus face everyday problems with a positive and carefree attitude. From "zombies" to "wars" through "tetris", worlds full of imagination and entertainment are waiting for you. Don't let the negative things in life get the better of the fun.

Some computers already come with many pre-installed programs, but you will not deny us that each person has different tastes and needs , either for work or hobbies, the programs that some people or others can use have nothing to do with each other. others. For this reason, there are non-installed basic programs that allow each user to personalize their computer to the best of their advantage.

Here, at offers.com , you can find all the necessary programs for you to live the Apple experience to the fullest, getting the most out of your Mac and enjoying the advantages of having trusted one of the largest brands in the world when we speak of computer technology.


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